UNICORN CELEBRATION CAKE - Ruby Violet Ice Cream & Sorbet


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'Duchess' the Unicorn - our unique ice cream celebration cake for extra-special celebrations.

A gorgeous, crowd-pleasing organic milk ice cream cake coated in white chocolate, and decorated with sprinkles and an ice cream horn - the perfect surprise for a very special little person (or a big one, we don't judge).

Serves 16

All our ice cream is vegetarian and contains milk and egg. All our ice cream may contain traces of nuts, seeds, wheat and soya. As this cake includes bespoke flavour layers, the full allergen list depends on your final choice of flavours, contact us for details.

Store at -18 degrees (the standard temperature of a domestic freezer). Store frozen, in a sealed box, for up to 3 weeks. Cake box: 20.3x20.3x12.7 cm.

Unicorn ears and horn are packed separately in box measuring 23.5cm x 8cm x 5cm

Remove your ice cream cake from the freezer and store it, uncovered, for around 30 minutes (at room temperature) before you would like to serve it. Your cake should be served when it is just starting to melt, to appreciate the full flavour of the layers. Try not to eat the cake straight out of the freezer! 10 minutes before serving, take the horn and ears out of the freezer, add them to the cake in the pre-assigned spaces, using the pre-made piping bag of ganache to stick them to your cake. Slice as you would an ordinary cake using a dry knife. It’s best not to use a wet knife as this may cause ice to form. If it’s a little difficult to slice through, run your knife under a hot tap and dry thoroughly before slicing.
If you wish to add candles it’s easier to use candle holders. Sparklers are fun but may cause the top of the cake to melt slightly.