OUR MISSION: we make scrumptious, natural ice cream, sorbets and frozen creations from scratch, using our knowledge and expertise to deliver luxurious, inventive, flavourful delights across the UK. We make our ice cream in small batches in a traditional British way, using organic milk, free range eggs, fresh fruit and carefully sourced ingredients. We continuously strive to reduce our environmental footprint by using local ingredients when possible, eco friendly materials and cleaning products and 100% compostable or recyclable packaging.

Since 2011 we have been making lip smacking ice cream and sorbet creations with premium ingredients, with attention to taking care of the planet too. We use organic milk, free range eggs and fresh fruit whenever available, sourced locally when possible. 

Our fresh fruit flavours are churned seasonally - we may have Seville Orange Marmalade Ripple ice cream available all year round, but that’s only because we make vats of marmalade jams in January and February, when the oranges are in peak season. When we need to use frozen fruit, we source it from Herefordshire. The fresh fruit is prepared, squeezed, peeled and juiced by hand. 

All the jams, brittles, meringues and honeycomb used in the ice cream are made from scratch in our kitchen.  

We use Callebaut chocolate for all our chocolate products. 

Since the very beginning, we have been extremely conscious of the mark we're leaving on the planet and we are constantly trying to improve.

Below you can find a summary of some of our sustainability practices but for a more in depth break down of what we do in our kitchen, office and parlour please refer to this blog post.

All our stickers and tapes are biodegradable and our tubs can be recycled. Our shipping boxes are compostable as well as the insulation within them, Woolcool, which is made from 100% pure wool. Our local delivery bags are compostable and are printed with biodegradable inks. Using eco-friendly materials for our shipping is considerably more expensive and it is the main reason our shipping costs are high, but we think it's worth it.

If you visit our parlour in King's Cross, you will notice all our ice cream cups, coffee cups, milkshake cups, straws, spoons, bags and stickers are all compostable and biodegradable. If you choose to eat in, your ice cream will be served in (lovely) china cups to reduce waste.

More than 90% of the cleaning products in our parlour and kitchen are ecofriendly, including coconut scouring brushes. 

We source our ingredients as locally as possible and use organic milk and free range eggs. Our frozen fruit comes from Herefordshire and we will use fresh fruit from local allotments when available.


For 34 years I worked as a photographer. Ruby Violet was born out of a desire to create a high quality ice cream, using local produce and a wish to become more involved in our local community.


Julie behind the market stall in 2011

inside our kitchen

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inside our kitchen

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inside our kitchen

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