We were approached by Gin Mare, a gin company looking for someone to create some spectacular bespoke flavours. We worked with the brand for a few months designing 3 ice creams and a sorbet. We made our famous gin and tonic sorbet with 3 ice creams to go alongside, each ice cream was infused with ingredients to compliment the gin in the sorbet. We used rosemary, thyme and basil. We then created bespoke botanical toppings using olives, rosemary and thyme - brittles, candied peels and wafers. 

In April we attended events with Gin Mare and provided all the bespoke flavours and toppings to their guests. We took our tabletop server and served an experience.  

Gin Mare bottle with bespoke Ruby Violet sorbets and toppings
Bespoke brittle made with Gin Mare herbal elements
A table with a Gin Mare gin and tonic, rosemary and bespoke Ruby Violet ice cream

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