Historical photo of Ruby Violet, the maternal grandmother of Ruby Violet's founder Julie Fisher

I love delicious frozen delights. 
Happiness, smiling innocence, silencing children everywhere.
 Silence is ice cream, raspberry ripple and chocolate orange.
 Quick licking salted caramel. Spicy lime. Purple Pomegranate. Smiling is a free facial work out, forget botox, all you need is ice cream.
Inspired by the original Ruby Violet, who loved a “choc ice”.
It’s never too cold.
Ice cream warms your heart.
Transported to another world.
Free your mind, escape, use your imagination.
The aroma of simmering fruits,
whipped cream,
spun sugar,
caramel sauce,
crisp wafers,
a reward for your hard working week,
the investment of your pocket money,
who can put a price on The Happy Experience.
Laughter, sharing, tasting, dreaming in ice cream, follow your ice cream dreams.

Ruby Violet, my maternal grandmother, was born on the first day of Spring 1906. King Edward VII was on the throne and there was a heatwave that summer. She was a strident opinionated lady with dubious driving skills and a love of Energen rolls, Penguin biscuits, golf, bridge and ice cream. 

Ruby Violet ice cream was born over 100 years later in 2011.

Ruby Violet loved a choc ice and I remember as a child the crisp cracking of the thin chocolate covering, my sister and I eating slices from a block of plain ice cream squashed between a couple of wafers. I remember the way we badgered her for ice cream on our holidays there and how she usually gave in, probably because it was a good excuse for her own indulgence.

For 34 years I worked as a Photographer. Ruby Violet was born out of a desire to create a high quality ice cream, using local produce and a wish to become more involved in our local community. I started making ice cream in a small domestic ice cream maker and I tested the recipes on my enthusiastic neighbours, who were and still are very forthcoming in their views.

I was commissioned to make ice cream cakes and bombes for birthdays and parties. After a few months a new market opened just down the road and I took a small market stall outside the Tufnell Park Tavern for 4 hours every Saturday.

I removed the back seats from my car and every single Saturday my partner, son, friends, neighbours  and I lugged a heavy duty freezer box, 2 small freezers and a display freezer, 3 trestle tables, a gazebo, endless strings of homemade bunting  in 3 separate journeys to the market and there whatever the weather we sold ice cream in cones and tubs.

I invested in some larger machines and freezers, installing them in part of our living room, it put an end to our social life, but I felt lucky to have the space and the time to pursue my passion.

1 year later we moved into premises on the borders of Tufnell Park and Kentish Town, a little jewel in the heart of Fortess Road. In May 2016 we opened our second parlour in King's Cross, just off Granary Square.  

All the ice cream is still made in small batches, but now on our new premises in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, still using seasonal fresh fruit, locally sourced where possible. 

Julie Fisher, Ruby Violet's founder

Founder Julie Fisher in the Tufnell Park parlour

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