A Napoli pan of salted caramel ice cream with a metal scoop


We love working with other businesses to produce high quality iced delights. Our ice cream can be purchased in many forms for wholesale. 

 Tubs: Single serve (100ml) with spoons, Medium (474ml) or Large (946ml). All tubs will be in our branding but we can collaborate to create something unique to your brand. 

 Napoli pans: If you’re interested in serving scoops to customers directly from napoli pans this is the best option. We charge per litre. 

 Ice Cream Sandwiches: A scoop of your favourite ice cream sandwiched between two homemade biscuits. Again, these are made with our branding but we’re always open to collaborating. 

 Gelollies: Ice creams on sticks coated in a chocolate shell. We have many different flavour combinations available with 3 different types of chocolate. 

 If you’d like to enquire about our wholesale prices please email - parlour@rubyviolet.co.uk

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