6 November 2019 

1 It makes you HAPPY! We already spoke about why ice cream makes you happy here on the Ruby Violet blog, and that it’s scientifically proven to put a smile on our faces. If you ever needed an excuse to treat yourself, let this be it. Come down to one of our parlours and let us cheer you up! 

2 Poorly? We know the answer. Ice cream is just as good a remedy for sore throats as cough medicine is (don’t quote us on that). Not only that, but a scoop of your favourite flavour is bound to cheer you up if you’re feeling run down and deflated.

3 Our parlours are warm and cosy; the weather has taken a turn for the worse, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to Ruby Violet until next summer! Our parlours are in the ideal spot to hide from the cold, rainy days with a scoop and a good book. Come and watch the world go by with us!  

 4 Movie night planned? If you don’t want to sit in, grab one of our tubs (they come in 100ml, 236ml and 474ml sizes). They last for weeks in the freezer (although I have been known to eat entire tub in one sitting. Don’t tell!)  

 5 Don’t forget, we aren’t just ice cream! We serve hot drinks, from our famous hot chocolates to our many varieties of Newby tea, and not forgetting our sundaes which come with a jug of our delicious hot chocolate or caramel sauces. Yummy! 

 6 We serve ALCOHOL! If you didn’t know already, here at Ruby Violet, we serve a wide range of alcoholic drinks, including rose, white and red wines, Prosecco, and of course our cocktails and hard shakes! If you’ve had a tough day and need something to take the edge off, let us serve you one of our drinks. It’ll help, we promise! 

 7 If you have a day off and fancy doing something different, our parlours are in the perfect locations to do some exploring! Our Kings Cross branch is situated right on the doorstep of Coal Drops Yard, which is home to an abundance of independent shops, all home to different and unique products. If you are around on the weekend, be sure to check out Canopy Market for the best artisan foods, drinks and crafts. Tufnell Park has an abundance of pubs on its doorstep. Also, check out Camden Market or Hampstead Heath which are both only a short walk away! Just the ticket for chilled weekend afternoons. Be sure to stop by and say hello!  

 8 Ruby Violet is a sustainable business; which means when you visit us, you can rest assured that we are doing our bit for the environment. (Ice cream without the guilt = yay!) 

 9 We have plenty of Vegan choices! Here at Ruby Violet we want to make sure we have something suitable for everyone, so we always have vegan options available. At the time of writing this, we have 7 vegan sorbets available; Peach and rosewater, Melon, Raspberry rosewater and Prosecco (my personal favourite!), Mint and Cucumber, Blackcurrant, Elderflower and Prosecco and our famous Vegan chocolate sorbet (better known as Georgina’s Cheeky Chocolate). 

 10 Children love us! If you’re having a day out with children, be sure to stop by Ruby Violet to put a smile on their faces! We offer our 3 most popular children's flavours (Maxi moo moo, Raspberry ripple and Belgian chocolate), for just £2 a scoop. The perfect sweet treat! 

 Have we convinced you? We hope so!.. 

 Blog by: Layla Turner



25 October 2019

In this day and age we are reminded daily about the negative effects of climate change. The younger generations have grown up with not only greater exposure to the effects of global warming, but also near constant reminders from news, media outlets and environmental groups about the harmful things going on around us due to climate change. Whilst it’s devastating to see, it also means more people are aware of what’s actually going on, and we can all come together to make a big difference to the world around us.

A blackboard saying Sustainability at Ruby Violet with a pile of tubs and stickers in the shop window

 Here at Ruby Violet, we are passionate about doing our bit for the planet. Whilst we are busy coming up with new, innovative flavours for you to enjoy, we are also constantly looking into new ways to see how our company could be more environmentally friendly. We’ve been doing a lot of research this year into compostable/biodegradable packaging. It seems quite complicated in terms of disposal. We now have to order separate waste bags for tubs, fruit waste etc. otherwise they go to landfill where they don’t break down as quickly, so our customers either need to return the packaging to us or have their own separate containers and a council that separates the waste. This costs us more and there don’t appear to be any council/government incentives to encourage companies to do this. A work in progress!

It’s been refreshing to see how many of you expressed concern over the use of our plastic spoons. We had many of you telling us both in person and in our flavour suggestion box at Tufnell park that you thought our plastic usage was too high; this is no surprise as an estimated 150 million metric tons currently circulates our oceans. In fact, since Ruby Violet was founded, we have been reusing our plastic spoons; we do this by washing them in fairy liquid then soaking them in water and Miltons, so they can be re used again and again. On top of this, 3 months ago we introduced starch spoons which are fully compostable, so for those of you who take away a pot of our yummy ice cream, you can dispose of your waste in a way that is non harmful to the environment (our tubs and stickers are fully compostable, too!). We have also switched our milkshake straws, they are now made out of PLA and are fully compostable (as are our takeaway cups and sundae spoons).

Reusable plastic spoons

Of course, it is impossible for us to produce no waste at all in our business sector, but we want you to be assured we are doing the best we can. One area where we are struggling is with the use of our acrylic spoons. Although we previously mentioned that we clean and reuse them, it becomes a problem when people choose to take away their ice creams and dispose of the spoons themselves. We are trying our best to encourage people to eat in store or use the starch spoons, but of course sometimes this isn’t always possible. Another area we are looking to improve on is our tiny tubs (the pre-made tubs with the spoon included in the top, not to be confused with our one scoop takeaway tubs, which are fully compostable!). Unfortunately, at present these are not recyclable. We have looked everywhere for an alternative and have been unable to find a suitable replacement. Again, if you have any thoughts or recommendations, please do let us know! 

The majority of our cleaning products are ecologically friendly (we use Ecover where possible), and we have been using Ecovibe coconut scourers for when we are busy cleaning in the kitchen (please check the Ecovibe website for many plastic free alternatives so you can help us make a difference!).

As for our ice creams, loyal Ruby Violet fans will know we source most of our ingredients from local suppliers in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint. We are also in the process of composting our citrus waste, which we previously could not do as it was too acidic.

Honey ice cream pan

Our popular Honey and Honeycomb ice cream is made using honey from Kentish Town, which is right on the doorstep of our Tufnell Park parlour. Another Ruby Violet favourite, our delicious damson ice cream, has also been made using locally grown damsons. Everything else, like our decadent jams, brittles, biscuits and meringues are hand made by us (we think it’s why they taste so good!). Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint, making us more environmentally friendly than others in this business, it also supports local businesses.  


We hope after learning more about the steps Ruby Violet is taking to become an environmentally friendly company, you can enjoy your ice cream guilt free.  

If anyone has any further ideas about how we can make the company even more sustainable, we would love to hear them. You can contact us or pop in to one of the stores and talk to us in person about your ideas! Either way, we hope to hear from you soon.  

Written by: Layla Turner
Photography by: Tara Griffins



29 September 2019

Did you know it is scientifically proven that ice creams make us feel better? That’s why when we break up with a boyfriend, mess up in a work meeting or just have a generally rubbish day, we reach for a tub of our favourite flavour (or at least that’s what I tell myself to excuse the fact I consume so much!).  

A cup of ice cream topped with a wafer in front of the Ruby Violet sign

 In an article for The Guardian (you can find it here), we are told by Don Darling, of Unilever, ‘This is the first time that we’ve been able to show that ice cream makes you happy. Just one spoonful lights up the happy zones of the brain in clinical trials.’  

Whether we understand the science behind it or not, our lovely staff and customers couldn’t agree more. Julie Fisher, the owner of and the brains behind Ruby Violet, says ‘It’s a lot to do with childhood memories, it’s sweet. You lose yourself in it, people are silent when they eat ice cream. You think of happy times when you were growing up on holiday’. 

 Phoebe Brown, Operations Manager, says ‘I don’t know why I like it. I guess initially I would have said because it’s sweet and it’s not part of my everyday diet so having something sweet occasionally makes me feel like it’s a treat but now I work here I like It even more, knowing how it’s made, being able to see the process and the love, effort and dedication that goes into making it’. 

 Our chef, Maria Mastrofrancesco, who makes ice creams for the shop all day, everyday, year round, (who luckily for us, isn’t tired of it yet!), speaks lovingly of her job and ice cream in general, saying ‘I like my job because it’s creative. Everyday is something different. Making ice creams makes me happy because I know I am selling smiles’. 

 If you ever needed an excuse to buy an ice cream, let it be that it’s going to put a smile on your face! There’s a double scoop of Salted Caramel waiting with your name on at your closest branch of Ruby Violet.. And if that doesn’t take your fancy, we have a wide variety of other flavours too! 

 Written by: Layla Turner
 Photography by: Tara Griffins

A pan of ice cream with "Happiness" written on it next to a vase with flowers

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