29 December 2019

It seems like just yesterday I was writing the Ruby Violet Christmas blog. And, just like that, the big day has been and gone. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and your day was filled with laughter and Ruby Violet treats! We know it can be hard to lift your spirits up after the festive period has ended, so we’ve came up with some tips to get yourself back on top form.  

A view of the server with colourful ice creams in the King's Cross parlour

We will be spending January deep cleaning our beautiful parlours ready for 2020

The view inside a greenhouse in Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a beautiful green space to visit in London.

1.Get outdoors! It’s likely that your festive season has been full of cheese, wine and ice cream (we hope!). If you’re still sat in a slump on the sofa, and can’t quite recall what day it is, it might be time to get yourself outside. We aren’t talking about a gym membership or a 5k run, a simple walk will do. Go and explore one of the many green spaces that London has to offer. The crisp winter air will definitely clear the cobwebs! 

 2. Declutter! Is your living room still filled with discarded wrapping paper and empty quality street boxes? It’s time to have a clear out, and, we hate to say it, take the tree down. Start the New Year as you mean to go on, with a tidy house. After all, a tidy house is a tidy mind! 

 3. Get enough sleep. With all the excitement (and the amount of alcohol consumed) over Christmas, it’s likely you haven’t been getting a lot of rest. Recharge your batteries before heading back to the office by catching up on all the sleep you've missed out on. You’ll feel better for it, we promise!

4. Get excited for the New Year. Whether you have big plans for New year’s eve, or would rather just stay at home with a takeaway, there’s something so refreshing about welcoming in a new year. Think of all it has to offer! Are you going on holiday? Planning a big career move? Doing something exciting with friends? Add all your upcoming events to your new calendar, and get excited. 

 5. Remember the Ruby Violet opening hours for January! Nobody wants to head out for an ice cream and return home empty handed. Unfortunately, both of our parlours are closed for the majority of January (so stock up on your tubs whilst you can!). We will be busy getting the parlours ready for when we re-open. You can find our Christmas and January opening times below. Be sure to add them to your diary! 

 24th December - King’s cross – closed / Tufnell Park – 10am – 2pm 

 25th - 27th December - Both parlours closed 

 Blog by: Layla Turner


13 December 2019

It’s officially Winter, and lets face it, things are quite miserable. It’s cold, wet and dark; but don’t fret. It’s now December, which means the Christmas countdown is on! (anyone who says anything different is most definitely a scrooge and should be ignored!)

A golden teapot and cup on a tray with a homemade mince pie, scarf and candle

A golden teapot and cup on a tray with a homemade mince pie, scarf and candle

London is a great place to be all year round, but in my opinion it really comes into it’s own around Christmas. There’s an abundance of things to do, with a festive opportunity or pop up on nearly every corner. Here at Ruby Violet, we love Christmas too, and want to celebrate with you! 

 Chef Maria is busy in the kitchen getting everything ready for Christmas. We have everything from festive ice cream flavours, to mince pies and even yule logs which would definitely impress the family on the big day. 

 Of course, Christmas day is the one day of the year you can drink from 9am and no one can say anything (anyone who’s been through the struggle of trying to cook a perfect Christmas dinner knows a glass of wine or three is mandatory!). We have the perfect boozy companions to indulge you throughout the day, including our famous Mulled wine sorbet and our yummy Tiramisu. If you’re going tee total, grab a scoop of our Pear sorbet, which we think is the perfect palate cleanser for between courses (and the hint of spice added to it, Star Anise, gives it a slightly festive taste. It’s delicious!). 

 Of course, we could go on about our festive treats (hot chocolate to warm up, anyone?), but we think you should come in and experience a Ruby Violet Christmas for yourselves. Aside from our tasty delights, we are also hosting a number of Christmas events. If you have missed out on the ones we’ve already hosted, then get yourselves down to the parlours for our last few upcoming festive events: 

 On the 14th December between 10.30am-11.30am, at the Tufnell park branch, we will be hosting our biscuit decorating workshop in our events space. This event is perfect for children, as we will be decorating Christmas shaped biscuits with icing and sweets. For the grown ups, we will be offering hot chocolate and Prosecco! The cost of this event is £8 per child, with a surcharge of £2 for a glass of Prosecco or a soft drink for the adults. This is a ticketed event, please email to book your ticket. We hope to see you there! 

 Festive pudding club runs on Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm-9.00pm, at both parlours. Come and try our festive Sherry trifle Baked Alaska and yummy Chocolate fondant! (Available until December 31st) 

 On the 20th December and the 27th December we will be hosting a winter masterclass. Shelter from the cold weather with a bottle of Prosecco upon arrival, and try your hand at churning ice cream with us! Tickets for this are available on our online shop, which you can access here. 

 Have we convinced you to start celebrating yet? Pop down and see us for some festive fun! There’s only 12 days to go! 

Blog by: Layla Turner 
 Photographs by: Tara Griffin  


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