Ice cream cake with white chocolate ganache and berries
A slice of ice cream cake covered in white chocolate ganache decorated with redcurrants
Round ice cream cake with chocolate, flowers and raspberries
Ice cream cake with chocolate ganache, writing in chocolate and berry decoration
Ice cream cake with pink ganache
Ice cream cake decorated with chocolate ganache and pink and purple sprinkles
Square ice cream cake with frozen berries
Ice cream cake with chocolate writing and a berry decoration
Ice cream cake topped with chocolate ganache and sprinkles


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Are you looking for a special cake for a birthday, to delight your guests at a party or to celebrate with your friends and family? Our bespoke Ice Cream Cakes are made to order with 3 layers of our organic milk dairy ice cream. Each one is decorated differently to suit the occasion and they are available for home delivery across the UK! Read what our customers say about our cakes here.

Are you looking for a different flavour combination? Please contact us for more information (£10 extra charge for bespoke flavours).

Please allow 3-5 working days for your order to be fulfilled. Please get in touch with us if you require a cake within a shorter time frame as we may be able to accommodate your request. 

Check our FAQs page for further shipping details here.

Cake box: 8x8x5 inches

Please note that our frozen fruit decoration is packaged separately.

Our flavour suggestions - 

1. Raspberry, Maxi Moo Moo and Belgian Chocolate

2. Maxi Moo Moo, Salted Caramel & Almond Nut Brittle and Belgian Chocolate

3. Maxi Moo Moo, Stracciatella and Belgian Chocolate

4. Chocolate Orange, Stracciatella and Belgian Chocolate

5. Raspberry, Blueberry and Belgian Chocolate

6. Raspberry, Stracciatella and Belgian Chocolate

7. Coconut & White Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate & Coconut & White Chocolate

8. Orange Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Orange and Belgian Chocolate

9. Orange Chocolate Chip, Belgian Chocolate & Orange Chocolate Chip

10. Damson & Sour Cream, Maxi Moo Moo and Damson & Sour Cream

Should I order in advance?     

Yes! We would always recommend ordering in advance, occasionally DHL lose our parcels which is always frustrating but unfortunately completely out of our control. We're a small business so low priority for courier companies. Our cakes can be stored up to 3 weeks in a domestic freezer so ordering your cake a week or 2 in advance is the best way to go and would mean if there are any issues with couriers we can get a second parcel sent out to you the following week in time for your celebration. 

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